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Frequent asked questions: Security

How secure is the Cadeau Carrousel website?

The Cadeau Carrousel website is very secure. We use modern ways (firewalls) to protect our network. Cadeau Carrousel uses the 'HTTPS protocol' to secure the website. The 'S' in the abbreviation stands for Secure. Without HTTPS, all data you enter on the website (such as login name, password or bank details) could be intercepted or eavesdropped. 

If you go to the web address, you will see a lock appear in the browser, to the left of the web address. That means no one else can see or track your data. This is the most widely used security protocol on the internet. Similar to websites of, for example, banks. 

Have you received a notification on your computer? For example, a security message in your browser? This is probably due to the strict security on your PC or laptop.

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