Frequent asked questions: Privacy statement

Privacy statement

You share some personal data with us. Your address, for example, so we can send you your gift. We think it is important to handle this data with care. We comply with the laws and regulations regarding the use and storage of personal data. In this privacy statement, we explain how we handle your personal data. We explain which ones we collect and what we use them for. We also tell you how we protect your privacy and what rights you have.

This is the privacy statement of Inpakcentrale ICN B.V. (hereinafter “Makro Kerstpakketten” or “we”). Makro Kerstpakketten is located in Duiven at 21 Dijkgraaf. The company registration number of Makro Kerstpakketten is 09110454. Makro Kerstpakketten is responsible for the processing of personal data and also processor, insofar as it processes personal data on behalf of its parties.

What is Makro's general privacy policy?

Makro Kerstpakketten respects the privacy of all visitors and users of its website Makro Kerstpakketten puts the security and confidentiality of your personal data first and therefore handles all data with care. We only share your data with parties involved in the delivery of gifts and with parties with whom we have to share data based on a legal obligation.

When do we collect your personal data and how do we get it?

Makro Kerstpakketten  processes your personal data if:
- We have received permission from your employer to offer you the voucher;
- You visit our website, for example to select a gift;
- You pass on your data through other channels. For example, by telephone through our helpdesk. 

We have received certain personal data from your employer. This allows us to give you a voucher to choose a gift on our website. We also process the data that you enter yourself so that we can send you the gift you have chosen. We also collect data through cookies that we or other parties place. When you visit our website, you will receive a message asking whether we can place these cookies. You can accept or reject this.

Why do you process this data?

We process your data for the following reasons:
- So that we can carry out the order we have received from you or from your employer;
- Because we have a legal obligation;
- Because you have given permission for this (for example because you are interested in our newsletter, or you
  consented to us placing cookies);
- Or because we, and your employer, have a legitimate interest in doing so. We describe this interest in this

Why do you collect personal data?

Makro Kerstpakketten process your personal data for the following purposes:

It is useful for us to be able to contact you. To answer questions, or to handle a complaint about our services and products.

Delivery of your gift
We process your data to be able to send you your gift.

Website user experience
Cookies allow us to improve and optimise the functionality of our website.

You can read more about these three purposes below.

1. Communication

All communication with Makro Kerstpakketten goes through our helpdesk. You can contact the helpdesk with all your questions, comments and complaints about our services and about your gift.

You can contact the helpdesk on +31 (0) 900 8 528 528. You can also ask your question by completing an online form . Our employees often need data in order to help you. This includes your name, OrderID, employer, login name, or your chosen gift. They need this information to help you as best as possible with your question or complaint.

We take every question and complaint seriously and use this information to further improve our services.

2. Delivery of your gift

You will receive the voucher from us or from your employer. This contains a unique code, with which you can log in to the website If your voucher is sent to you through us, we will use the data that your employer has provided us for this purpose. If your employer takes care of sending or distributing the voucher itself, we do not process any address details.

 In both cases we can store your personal data, including your name and (email) address, and link it to the unique code on your voucher. This ensures that you do not have to fill it in again during the ordering process. We only do this if we have agreed with your employer and your employer has provided us with your details.

Log in to with the unique code on your voucher. Logged in to the website, you choose your gift yourself. In order to deliver the gift you have chosen and to keep you informed about it, we ask for several details:
- name
- address
- telephone number
- email address

We store the data you enter, together with the unique code, your OrderID (the number associated with your gift) and the details about the shipment of your gift.

3. Website user experience and direct marketing

When you visit our website, we place cookies. Cookies are small text files that a website places on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone when you visit our website. These cookies store information about your website visit. This allows us to research and optimise the use of our website. We and/or the third parties that place these cookies collect the following data for this purpose:
 - (part of your) IP address;
- technical characteristics such as the browser you use and the resolution of your computer screen;
- from which page you came to our website;
- when and for how long you use our website;
- whether you use the functionality of our website;

if you want to know exactly which cookies we use and what we use them for, read our cookie statement.

How long do we store your data?

We make agreements with your employer about how long we keep your data. This also depends on until when the site is available and you can choose a gift.
If we have not made separate agreements with your employer, we will delete your data (and order history) 2 years after you have placed an order. We do this to be able to guarantee our warranty period of 2 years'

Do we share your data?

In principle, we do not share your data with persons or organisations outside Makro Kerstpakketten. We only share your data with other parties that are necessary to provide our services. This includes printers and postal and email processors.

If we share your data with other parties, we oblige them to properly protect your personal data.

Furthermore, we only share your data with parties other than those mentioned above if we are legally obliged to do so. Like the police or judicial authorities.

How do we secure your data?

We protect your data to prevent it from being lost or falling into the wrong hands. Below you will find some measures that we take:
- Our website is secured with a TLS certificate. This ensures that the information you enter on our website is secured;
- we use high-quality software and a firewall. This is a system that protects a network or computer against misuse from the outside;
- access to electronic systems is protected with a password and if external access is given, we use two-factor authentication;
- only employees who need your personal data can view these;
- if we share personal data with others, we do so through a secure connection;
- if other parties work with your data on our behalf, we conclude agreements with them that include a control mechanism, including the option to perform an audit to be carried out. This way your privacy is guaranteed.

What rights do you have with regard to your personal data?

You have the right to view, modify or delete your personal data.In addition, you have the right to withdraw the consent you have given for the processing of your personal data. Or to object to the use of your personal data by Makro Kerstpakketten. In some cases you also have the right to data portability. This means that you can ask us for the data we keep about you, in a way that you can easily give this data to someone else.

You can email for all the above. We will see if we can meet your request. In some situations we have a legal obligation to keep certain data.

Please attach a copy of your ID to any request for inspection so that we can be sure that the request has come from you. On this copy, black out your passport photo, the MRZ (that is the machine readable zone, or the strip with numbers in the ID), the ID number and your citisen service number (BSN). This is to protect your privacy. We will let you know as soon as possible if we can fulfil your request.

Do you have a complaint about our data processing? You can report this to our Data Protection Officer. Please send an email to or send a letter to:

Makro Nederland
c/o the Data Protection Offizr                                                                                      PO Box 94303                                                                                                            1090 GH Amsterdam
We always aim to find a resolution together. You can also submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, which is the independent supervisory authority in the Netherlands that monitors the protection of personal data. This can be done on the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

What if the Makro Kerstpakketten privacy policy changes?

The rules regarding the protection of personal data and our services may change. As a result, we have the right to make changes to our privacy statement. You can always find the most current privacy statement on our website.

About this privacy statement
This is the privacy statement of Inpakcentrale ICN B.V. (hereinafter referred to as “Makro Kertspakketten” or “we”). Makro Kerstpakketten is located in Duiven at 21 Dijkgraaf. The company registration number of Makro Kerstpakketten is 09110454. We are responsible for the processing of the personal data of our customers. This statement was last modified on 23 February 2020.

Supervision of use of personal data

An independent supervisor checks the correct use of personal data within our organisation. This is the Data Protection Officer ('DPO'). Do you have a complaint or question about this subject that cannot be answered by the helpdesk? Please contact the DPO. This can be done by email at, or by post:

Makro Nederland
c/o the Data Protection Officer
PO Box 94303
1090 GH Amsterdam

Is your answer not here?

Ask your question to the helpdesk.