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How safe is the Cadeau Carrousel web site?

Cadeau Carrousel is a member of the METRO Group. Cadeau Carrousel’s website is hosted in the data centre of our own company and is subject to many security policies and guidelines. We make use of the most advanced firewalls to protect our network. Cadeau Carrousel uses the so-called HTTPS protocol for protecting the website. We have an SSL-secure certificate. A lock appears in the browser when the website is typed. The sent data are locked when using the HTTPS protocol. This way, no one else can see or track your details on the internet. These SSL certificates cannot be copied or forged because only one matching SSL secure certificate is published per login name. SSL is the most used security protocol on the internet and is comparable to well known websites of financial institutions. Any messages on your computer are most likely due to the high security level of your pc, laptop or tablet.

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