Frequent asked questions: Logging in

Why can I not log in?

Answer: - Did you type your login name and password correctly? - Have you checked the voucher letter to see if your details are still valid? Once your voucher has expired you can no longer make a selection. - Did you try to log in from a different computer? - Do you have a firewall which does not accept cookies? You can check this as follows: Cookie settings in Internet Explorer: To check if Internet Explorer browsers accept cookies, or to set them to accept cookies, you need to do the following: - In the browser click on the menu-item 'Tools'; - Select 'Internet options'; - Select 'Privacy'; - Choose a privacy setting no higher than MEDIUM, otherwise cookies will be rejected. - Click on OK Cookie settings for Netscape / Firefox: To check if a Netscape browser accepts cookies or to set it to accept cookies, you need to do the following: - Click in the browser on the menu-item 'Edit'; - Select 'Preferences'; - Select 'Advanced' from the drop-down menu; - Go to the section about Cookies; - Select at a minimum the option 'Accept all cookies' with the extra option 'Warn me', but ideally without this extra option. - Click on OK

What should I do if I have lost my login name and password?

Answer: Contact our helpdesk. We will check your details with your employer. As soon as you have been checked and cleared by your employer, we will send you a new login code and password.

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