Frequent asked questions: Ordering

How does ordering work?

Answer: Ordering your gift online is very easy. It just takes a few steps to select and order your gift. Enter your login name and password on your employer's website. After logging in, you will see your employer's welcome page. Once you have selected a gift theme, you can take your pick from a wide range of gifts. Click on the gift of your choice for more information and to 'order this gift'. Enter the necessary (address) details in the form and click 'go to order'. Check your details carefully and also check that the right gift has been selected. Your choice will be confirmed when you click on 'complete order'.

Why can't I order?

Answer: - Have you checked your voucher letter to see if your details are still valid? (Have your login name and password expired?) Has your voucher expired? In that case, you can no longer order a gift. - Did you receive an error message during the order process saying something else than that your voucher has expired? Please contact us by e-mail, use the form or get in touch with our helpdesk. - Do you have a firewall which does not accept cookies? - Have you checked the other settings on your computer? - Did you try again later? - Have you tried again on a different computer?

How long does Cadeau Carrousel take to deliver?

Answer: The delivery period for the gift you have selected is shown on the order confirmation you received. Normally, the delivery period is 2 to 15 working days.

Will I receive an order confirmation for my selection?

Answer: When an order is completed successfully, you will always receive an order confirmation by e-mail

Why have I not received an order confirmation?

Answer: - Was your order placed successfully? When an order is completed successfully, an order confirmation is sent by e-mail. You can check this by logging in again. If you can see your choice, your order has been completed successfully. - Did your order confirmation end up in your spam folder? (junk mail inbox) - Did you enter the right e-mail address?

How can I check whether I placed the order correctly?

Answer: Log in again using your login name and password. (only possible during the website is open). You will see 'confirmation of your order' on the screen. If the confirmation does not appear, your order was not completed successfully. You need to complete your order by selecting a gift and clicking on 'complete order'.

Can I change my choice or my gift

Answer: Unfortunately, it is not possible to change a gift choice. After making a definite choice and placing the order, your login name and password become unusable. You will always receive an e-mail and confirmation of your definite choice.

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